This document describes the GTF file format that GenomeJack supports.
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  1. If the score is ”.”, the value is dealt with –infinity.
  2. If multiple data have the same gene_id or transcript_id in one sequence, these are belong to the same feature.
  3. These files are added into Show table views.
  4. You need to set up the template for registration of a GTF file. The table below shows the terms to create the template.
[Select Feature Type]:
terms comment
Use as top features use the selected feature as one feature
Use as sub features use the data of the selected feature as the part of the data matching with transcript_id and gene_id
Don’t Use this feature do not use the name of selected feature
[Use this property]:
Select the term as the property for feature.
If you set top feature:
  • Top feature is delimited.
  • Sub features of which gene_id or transcript_id of top feature is the same is represented in the same frame.
If you do not set top feature:
  • Each sub feature is delineated.
  1. The data lines must be sorted by the chromosome.
  2. The data dealt with as the same data must be sorted.
  3. The attributes is need to include the gene_id and transcript_id.
  4. Each datum in attribute needs to be separated by ”;” and one space.