Import genome data

 At first, GenomeJack requires the registry of genome data. This document describes how to import genome data.
 You can use the file format as the reference genome data.
  • A FASTA file
  • multiple FASTA files compressed into a ZIP file
  • multiple FASTA files compressed into a TAR.GZ file
  • A directory containing FASTA files
 GenomeJack recognizes the strings of the FASTA file index as the reference name. Please confirm the absence of blank characters in the FASTA file index because GenomeJack recognizes the strings to a blank as the name of a reference sequence.
  1. (1) Please click [File] > [Import Genome To Local...]. GenomeJack displays the Import Genome dialog.


    Id unique name used for identifying genome data (ex. hg18)
    Label name used for displaying genome data in GenomeJack (ex. hg18)
    Comment comment for the genome data
    Sequence File genome data file
    Species species name of genome data (ex. Homo Sapiens (human))

  2. Please enter the necessary information of the genome data and the genome data file, and click [OK].


  3. GenomeJack imports the selected genome data, and displays the selected data in the reference track.



  • You can register multiple genome data. If you want to know how to select the registered genome data, please refer to Select genome data .