Export registered track data

 You can export the registerd data (reference sequence, region and graph data).
 Reference data is exported as sequence information. The data of mutation analysis (VCF file) is exported as sequence of mutation information with IUPAK code. Region data is exported as TSV or BED format. Graph data is exported as WIG format except imported in BED Graph format (The graph data imported in BED Graph format is exported as BED Graph format). The region data imported in BAM is exported as BAM/SAM format.
 This document describes how to export track data.
  1. Please select [File] > [Export Tracks Data...]. GenomeJack displays the Export Track Data dialog, so please select the track data you want to export in pull-down menu and click [OK].


  2. Then please set export file and click [Save]. GenomeJack starts exporting your select track data.



  • When you export the data as BED format, the imported data which does not contain “strand” column is exported with “+” column.