Show track data list

 You can confirm a catalog of displayed track data. This document describes how to show a catalog of track data.
  1. Please click [View] > [Show Table View] > [the track you want to show a catalog of data].


  2. GenomeJack displays a catalog of track data.


  3. Please click [Edit] if you want to filter the catalog of track data. GenomeJack displays Feature Filter Settings dialog, so please configure filtering condition by adding with [+].


  4. Please click [OK] after you have added filtering conditions.


  5. GenomeJack displays a result of the filtering.


  6. If there is a property you have added index, you can sort the catalog of track data in this property. Please the property with indexmark_jpg mark, GenomeJack displays a result of sorting.


  7. Please click [CSV Download] if you want to save a catalog of track data as a CSV file. GenomeJack displays file selection dialog, so please enter the destination to save and click [Save].



  • If you filter a catalog of track data, the filtering result is applied to it displayed in GenomeJack and saved as a CSV file.