Operate GenomeJack through outside application¶

 GenomeJack can link the displayed region to the result of analysis in an outside application. Therefore you can visualize the statistical data which you have analyzed with the outside application, only if GenomeJack is activated and GenomeJack displays the same reference genome data.
  1. Please set the following URL in the outside application.


    • [machine]:

      the name of the machine where GenomeJack is activated. If GenomeJack and the outside application are activated on the same machine, it is OK to set localhost.

    • AAA:

      port number

    • BBB:

      the genome name

    • CCC:

      the reference sequence name

    • DDD:

      the start position of the region which you want to show

    • EEE:

      the end position of the region which you want to show

    • FFF:

      the track id. GenomeJack displays the tracks, if the track is hidden.

  2. Please enter the above URL. You can change the region to be displayed in GenomeJack.


    • In order to set the port number in the [Server] tab of the dialog, please click [File] > [Configure Preference...].