Import data from UCSC

 You can import annotation data on to GenomeJack from UCSC (with MySQL). This document describes how to extract the data from the UCSC mirror database. GenomeJack keeps the imported data. Therefore, there is no need to reconnect to MySQL once you import the data.
 There is another way that you can directly connect to the UCSC MySQL server in the USA and extract the data.
  1. Please click [File] > [Import UCSC Data...] and enter the database information that you can get from the Import From UCSC Database dialog. You must enter all information except for a password.


    Host Name

    host name of UCSC MySQL server

    Database Name

    database name

    User Name

    user name



  2. Please click [OK]. GenomeJack displays Select Import Database dialog, so please choose the track data imported in the database shown here, and then click [OK].


  3. The data obtained from the database is displayed as a track.