Import resource data

 In order to view the data that you have analyzed or obtained from a public database, you can import these data to GenomeJack as resource data. Please note that you cannot change the name of imported resource data. This document describes how to import resource data.

 Please refer to Corresponding File Format in order to learn the details of file formats GenomeJack can import.

  1. Please right-click (in case of Mac OS X : hold the control key down and click) the folder into which you want to import the data on the resource area and click [Import] > [File Format] in the popup menu.


  2. GenomeJack displays the Open File dialog, so please select the data file and click [open].


    File name

    name of the data file

    Files of type

    file extension of the data file

  3. GenomeJack displays the Setup Input/Output Resources / Execute dialog. If optional setting, for example prepared import setting file as the template, is configurable, [Next] is enabled and otherwise [Finish].


  4. If optional setting is configurable, GenomeJack displays the Set Parameters / Execute dialog. Then you click [Finish], GenomeJack starts importing the data.


  5. You can confirm the progress of import with job list. If you want to know how to show job list, please refer to Show job list.