Main display of GenomeJack

 The main display of GenomeJack is composed of the menu, resource, track and control area.
 The menu is used when you operate GenomeJack itself for importing genome data or configuring the system settings.
 The resource area is used for operating the data that you have analyzed or obtained from a public database. Resource Tree as the figure below indicates manages resource data you registered.
 The track area is used for displaying each track data on the Resource Area. A resource data in Resource Tree as the figure below indicates corresponds to a track data. However, there are some data GenomeJack does not display as track, for example BLAST file. A track corresponds to Track as the figure below indicates. Track Area is composed of several Track which is lined up vertically.
 The control area is used when you operate the viewer area by moving to another genomic locus which you want to see or entering a search keyword.