Smooth Data Display

GenomeJack Browser is the genome browser for the next generation sequencer.
Feature is that smooth and bouncy browsing even for mass read such as NGS

Compatible to Various Formats

Compatible to various NGS data formats to display with various types.

This is the function what I needed!

So many convenient functions, such as bookmarking,annotation table view, url link, and so on...

List of Available Formats

Almost all of formats required for NGS analysis are available.

Name Description URL
SAM/BAM Mapped Read in Genome
BED/BEDGraph Genome Annotation Information,
Wig/BigWig Quantitative Information
VCF Format for Mutation Analysis Result
GTF/GFF Gene Structure Information
TSV/CSV Tab-Separated Values format. If each columns are separated by tabs, any type and any amount of columns are available.