Required Software

Installation of Java Runtime Environment 1.7 or later version is required for GenomeJack Browser.
If the software is not installed, it is necessary to install it by downloading from depending on PC environment you are using.

Getting Started


  1. Download jnlp file below.
  2. Run jnlp file.*1 To active GenomeJack Browser, user registration is required. Please follow the instruction on the software.
  3. *1) If you launch with Web Start in Mac OS X, There are times when Genome-JACK.jnlp file cannot be executed because of the security setting. In such a case, please hold the control key down and click GenomeJACK.jnlp file. Mac OS X displays the popup menu, so please click [Open].


  1. Please download GenomeJack Browser 3.1 from the next section below.
  2. Please execute the respective file below depending on OS you are using (*);
    • Windows® : GenomeJACK.bat
    • Mac OS® X : GenomeJACK_mac.command
    • Linux :
  3. You must register user information and accept a license agreement at first. The dialog for this purpose will be displayed soon after start-up. Please follow the dialog, then send an e-mail. A few minutes later, you might receive a return mail with an attached license key. Import a license key, then you can start to use GenomeJack Browser! Please refer to the page 7 of a user manual for detail. If you couldn't receive a return mail from us, you should make sure your e-mail address, which you input on the dialog, is correct.

GenomeJack Browser 3.1








Older Version

GenomeJack Browser 3.0 (ZIP)

( Manual (HTML) / Manual (PDF) )

Release Note

ver 3.1 (2014/09)

ver 3.0 (2013/10)

ver 2.0 (2012/08)

ver 1.4 (2012/07)

ver 1.3 (2011/10)

ver 1.2 (2011/07)

ver 1.1 (2011/05)

ver 1.0 (2011/04)

*) “Windows” is the trade mark or the brand name of Microsoft Corporation (USA) in US, Japan and other countries.“Mac OS” is the trade mark of Apple Incorporated registered in US and other countries.