Smooth Data Display

GenomeJack Browser is the genome browser for the next generation sequencer.
It features ultra-smooth GUI response even with big amounts of NGS data.

Various Formats Available

Various NGS data formats are available. Data drawing is configurable.

Flexible Analysis with GUI!

Complex NGS data analysis is easily executed only with GUI operation if you use GenomeJack Analysis.
As soon as data analysis finishes, results can be ready to view on GenomeJack Browser.

Product Lineup

GenomeJack Browser GenomeJack Analysis
Function NGS Genome Browser NGS data Analysis Server
Price Freeware Please contact us.
Restriction on the Number of Users No Limit Please contact us.
Compatible OS Windows®、Mac OS®X、Linux (*) Linux
Required Software Java Runtime Environment 1.7 or later version

*) “Windows” is the trade mark or the brand name of Microsoft Corporation (USA) in US, Japan and other countries.“Mac OS” is the trade mark of Apple Incorporated registered in US and other countries.